Review of the film The Griot: The climax ruined the intriguing plot

Trust afropast to tell you whether or not The Griot, a brand-new movie from Nigeria, is worth your time.

Adeoluwa Owu directed The Griot, which had a running time of about 110 minutes.

Temilolu Fosudo and Dapo Lanre-Badmus wrote the script, and Adeoluwa Owu and Goodness Emmanuel produced the film.

Abimbola Adebajo, Lateef Adedimeji, Yewande Adekoya, Funso Adeolu, Kunle Afod, Opeyemi Dada, Imoh Eboh, Rita Edward, Goodness Emmanuel, Temilolu Fosudo, Oladapo Gbadimosi, Caroline Igben, Sharon Jatto, and Abiodun are among the actors who appear in

A storyteller with secrets, genuine love, friendship, and treachery are the key themes of The Griot; it is an almost formulaic but expertly handled plot that was weakened by its conclusion. It begins as a love story before unexpectedly changing to a tragedy in the conclusion.

The movie’s final few minutes contributed nothing to the lovely plot and were completely unnecessary.

We don’t comprehend why the authors and producers chose to add a horrific ending to the straightforward, lovely story.

The main focus of the film is also on how Tiwa helps Lakunle transform from a creative but frightened storyteller into a confident individual.

However, the film robs us of this sequence when it’s time to show off his change.

The Griot was produced and directed by amateurs, but despite this, the film was relatable and entertaining (up until the last two scenes, of course).

Even the cast of unknown actors did an excellent job of portraying their roles.

We also adored the movie’s setting, costume design, photography, music, and dialogue.

Through the utilization of traditional music and dances, the Yoruba culture was beautifully and effortlessly portrayed; I say effortlessly since it might have been a secondary school film production.

It has wonderful acting and lots of freshness (not the same old faces we are used to seeing), but we wish it hadn’t ended the way it did, earning a 7/10 from Afropast.