The several occasions when Davido’s attire has been mocked

Singer Davide Adeleke, also known as Davido, is one of the most well-known, prosperous, talked-about, and adored Nigerian singers of the present.

Over the course of his extremely lengthy career, he has delivered us hit after hit, helping to shape important cultural events. His taste of style and attire, however, have received harsh criticism from many.

As his star rose, there were more people paying attention to him, and with more people comes more scrutiny. In a market where celebrities are expected to take fashion risks and put themselves out there, not every style they don will be well-liked by the general public.

Here are All The Insults Davido Received Because Of His Clothes.

His PUMA Runway suit, “Osuofia in London”

Davido’s presence at New York Fashion Week this year and his runway performance while sporting PUMA were expected to be a turning point in the evolution of his sense of style and understanding of fashion.

Even the costume shot that he really published himself is not that bad. Images from the runway were still available for Davido to use online.

Insults were fired in all directions and they didn’t stop. In addition to other things, he was called “Portable sef no fit dress like these,” “Osoufia in London,” “This one Davido dress like, Queen Eliza….shey you wan awaken the dead,” and other things. The assault on this group was savage.

He just wasn’t able to style the pricey clothes effectively.

Perhaps it was the posing or the colors, but something about this picture and this outfit didn’t give them what they desired. In actuality, a majority of responses to the apparel were wholly unfavorable. One person remarked, “You no sabi dress shaaa but your outfits are costly,” while another commented, “Bigman shey make I kn dey dress you ni.”

Davido attire
The “Bum Shorts” drummer boy

There is a time and place for every dress, as the saying goes, but this specific ensemble proved problematic. When Davido released a video of himself leading praise and worship in this clothing in a church in Asaba, people started to object. Another individual said, “No, DAVIDO wears shorts and a head warmer inside the church, so…?” to the inquiry, “Why do you dress like this to attend to church, and you even wear kito? Because you don’t have a hammer, your pastor might still suspend you or pursue comot for church if you dress like this.

Davido attire
Hole beneath the shoes

When Davido shared a set of four images wearing the same outfit, one stood out so much that people couldn’t help but notice it.

As soon as they saw the photo, people began pleading with Davido to alter that shoe since it makes the bottom of his shoes very obvious. Some of the user responses included “U certainly claim u still fit uplift others like this,” “Boss abeg waiting do your shoe for here,” and “Buy new shoes abeg.”