Sofia Momodu apologizes to Davido after being implicated in imade’s offensive birthday post

Davido’s first mother, Sophia Momodu, has expressed her sincere regret to everyone for the birthday message she posted on behalf of her daughter, Imade Adeleke.

Imade wrote a brief message to celebrate his 30th birthday on November 21, 2022, according to afropast News.

First-born child of the singer also paid respect to Ifeanyi Adeleke, who passed away.

Imade Adeleke, who is seven years old and stopped using social media following the tragic murder of Ifeanyi, tweeted a happy birthday greeting to their father, Davido.

She posted a picture of him carrying Ifeanyi while holding onto his daughters as a sign of respect for the deceased child.

Happy birthday, Daddy!” she wrote. I send you my love, serenity, and joy. The picture’s caption was written by Imade.

Sophia Momodu was dragged online

Many people did not like Imade’s birthday greeting since they were dragging her mother for what was called a “insensitive and plain cruelty” post.

It’s important to note that Ifeanyi Adeleke was never recognised by Sophia Momodu while he was alive.

Sophia Momodu apologizes

Sophia Momodu apologized profusely to everyone after being accused of being insensitive and preying on the soul of the deceased child.

She said that her post’s original intent was different from what Netizens interpreted it to be.

I understand that the preceding post might have came off as insensitive, and I genuinely apologize as that was not my goal, the author stated.

Imade adores her father and her siblings dearly, and as a mother, I’m trying my best to help her work through the challenging emotion of sadness.

Whilst attempting to honor her father’s birthday, she suffered from the death of her sibling.

I kindly ask for your consideration and really hope that everyone can show patience at this time.

I’m grateful.