“In advance, RIP” Nigerians advise the young woman who claims she can’t leave her violent boyfriend.

The story of a woman who stated she can’t leave her violent boyfriend has received feedback from Nigerians.

She can’t leave money over a few punches, claims Baddie Muna. This comes after The Man Shola, another social media user, criticized certain women’s hypocrisy. “You can leave a broke guy,” he wrote. However, you are unable to leave the aggressor.

How can I leave money because they occasionally punch me, Muna retorted?


Nigerians reacted to it by recalling the recent domestic violence incident involving IVD and his late wife, Bimbo. They criticized her for continuing to date an abusive boyfriend and wished her a peaceful death in advance.

Ifemeludike_ added, “Money money money!!!” Sandra Purple wrote, “Hope your coffin has been pre-ordered because our work na to type RIP shikina.” Because she is unemployed, an African lady has lost her dignity and sense of worth.

“At this moment, I am no longer chooking my lips into anything that affects relationship and if someone dies as a result of domestic abuse, I’ll simply put #RIP,” one Maris Ehi remarked.

“Parents raise your girls to be independent,” one Sharonofficial262 commented. Because of the money, this person is willing to take a punch. In advance, RIP.

Someone reacted to my WhatsApp status with a screenshot of your tweet right now, one ChidinmmaPaints wrote, quoting her tweet. He’s a man. @Baddie muna I truly regret your situation. I’m genuinely sad for you.

Muna took to the micro blogging platform to respond and say that the criticism was all sarcasm since she didn’t like the backlash.

Your ignorance and stupidity prevented you from realizing that this was sarcasm, so you even went looking for me and added me to your foolish clout, she retorted. a group of uneducated people purporting to be feminists