If I am elected president of Nigeria, Nigerians will beg me to serve for more than two terms. – Sowore

Omoyele Sowore, the African Action Congress (AAC) candidate for president, has said that if elected, Nigerians will urge him to serve longer than the allowed two terms.

On Wednesday, Sowore said this in an interview with Channels Television.

Sowore stated the money utilized to redesign the naira should have gone toward addressing the requests of the Academic Staff Union of Universities when speaking about the currency (ASUU).

If elected, the AAC candidate for president said, he won’t focus on revamping the naira.

However, look for measures to raise the country’s currency’s value.

In regards to his stance on education, Sowore stated that if elected president, his administration would provide a grant of N100,000 every semester to every student enrolled in higher institutions.

Additionally, he stated that he will focus his efforts on reducing leaks in order to increase revenue for the nation.

“I would never support those who want Nigeria’s educational system to be governed by the private sector.

It will be an education program run by the government. Free education is our main concern, he declared.

“I have said it; the federal government would provide at least N100,000 per semester as a study grant to every student in Nigeria who is enrolled in a higher institution.

There are 1.7 million students enrolled in higher education institutions. I really will not force them to take out loans.

We don’t need to borrow

During my first four years, therefore. I’ve figured out a way to close all the gaps so we can increase our revenue.

“I just informed you of N11 trillion in unremitted income. It is currently in our MDAs’ bank accounts.

We can acquire it. The federal government is the rightful owner. An enormous sum of money, due by oil firms, is N11 trillion.

“I’m speaking to you as a Nigerian citizen who has essentially worked alone to uncover money, remove sources where it has been hidden, and present proof of stolen money.

Through Sahara Reporters, I have been the one who has covered it the most frequently since 2006.

“Believe what I’m telling you when I say these things.

I’m familiar with politicians, and I know how they cheat. And I am aware of the methods used to filter the money in this nation.

I’m not simply telling you this to deceive you on TV. In actuality, you will be surprised when you get at work.

“If I carry out the duties I’m describing to you, Nigerians would be pleading with me to serve another two terms in office.

But I’m not interested in serving for more than two terms.