Osborn Nweze, 23, a son of Governor Umahi, received a master’s degree from a UK university, prompting the comment, “And FG is still wrangling with ASUU.”

As images of Osborn Nweze, the governor of Ebonyi State’s son, earning his master’s degree from Aberdeen Varsity surfaced, the topic of Osborn Nweze trended on social media today.

On Thursday, the 23-year-old shared the video along with the following statement on his Instagram page @osbornnweze:

“Today I obtained my Masters degree in finance & investment management from the University of Aberdeen.

I dedicate my degree to Jesus, my Lord & saviour. Thank you to my family, friends, and especially my mother for her prayers. Praise be to God.

He is the most recent member of the children of Nigeria’s political elite to receive a degree from a UK institution.

Aisha happily disclosed Zahra, President Muhammadu Buhari’s daughter-in-law, had earned a bachelor’s degree from a UK university a few weeks prior.

Some online commenters on his verified Instagram page were quick to point out that although the government has been reluctant to break the impasse with ASUU, keeping the children of the masses at home, the children of the elite are studying abroad where there is no academic interruption.

Osborn Nweze, whose father also held an engineering first degree, attended Surrey University in the UK, graduated at the age of 19, and has since established himself as a world-class businessman.

Osborn Nweze took over the helm of his company, Brass Oil and Construction Limited, where he is the Managing Director, while his father was focused on running the state.

In addition, he established his own company, Osborn Lapalm Royal Resort, of which he is the CEO. Additionally, he serves as Forte GCC Innovative Solutions’ director of finance.

In addition to this, Osborn Nweze also established the Osborn Foundation, which focuses on the educational requirements of students from impoverished families.