“Your sense of style might be improved” Ayra Starr provokes responses at the Meta concert with her provocative attire (Video)

Ayra Starr, a singer from Nigeria, has drawn criticism for wearing a provocative dress to the Meta concert.

Ayra Starr had worn a scanty attire to the Meta event in Lagos State on November 25.

One of the night’s acts, the Mavins vocalist, was seen rocking a miniskirt on stage. Ayra wore her trademark high boots, a little blouse, and a very tiny skirt.

It also appeared, at one point in her performance, that Ayra Starr wore the dress with matching panties.

Social media went crazy over the skirt, which hardly even covered her privates.

Some people defended her choice of clothing, while others disapproved.

“This skirt be like handkerchief,” one Joan Nams wrote.

One Spatils medspa defended her, saying, “Jhene Aiko or Beyonce would wear the same thing, and you all will be chanting, ‘I love you, my idol, my queen.’

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“Great performance, but this cloth doesn’t reach 1/2 yard,” remarked one Modella Cake.

“I no grasp what she wears abi is my eye hurting me ni?” wrote one Princess Ada.

Ayra Starr can do better with her sense of style, according to one Dexterous better. Excellent voice, talent, and stage presence. You have what it takes to hit leak, common girl; there’s no need for a superfluous fashion statement.

“This chick go soon tie face towel for body come perform, make una give am 1 more year,” one Solottah wrote.

“She for simply wear only pant approach stage,” one Oru Caroli wrote. Ehnn, this generation. E be like we be only five women who never stroll around naked.

“This is that friend your parents advised you not to follow,” one DJ swap king commented.

Ayra Starr is not the only female celebrity who has faced criticism for the way she dressed for an event.

Tiwa Savage’s provocative attire for an event
Tiwa Savage, a senior coworker, had frequently been made fun of for her penchant for provocative clothing.

According to KFN, Tiwa Savage’s provocative attire caused a stir online.

The musician had an after-party to honor her sold-out performance while she was in London for her Warri and Grarri album tour.

Tiwa Savage showed up as usual wearing the same sexy outfit she wore to the club.

The singer and single mother was photographed wearing a black outfit that showed off her midriff.

The clothing was just intended to conceal her privates and boobs.

Nigerians were offended by her attire.

Many people took the chance to make fun of her for saying she was Jesus’ daughter in her popular song Somebody’s Son.