At Sir Balo’s wedding, transgender James Brown scatters the dance floor.

At comedian Sir Balo’s wedding last weekend, Nigerian transgender James Brown was the center of attention.

According to Afropast News, the comedian married his partner in a traditional ceremony in Benin City, Edo State, on Friday.

James Brown served as one of the groomsmen in Sir Balo’s extravagant wedding, which was held on Saturday, December 3.

The crossdresser could be seen scattering the dance floor in a video he released on his Instagram page as he displayed his vivacious dancing abilities.

Given that everyone was looking at James, he undoubtedly stole the show.

In the video’s captions, he wrote:

“Shutting down Sir Balo Comedy’s wedding in Benin. #peaceofmind2022 is ruled by the Queen.

The customary wedding of Sir Balo
According to afropast, Sir Balo, also known as Obotuke Timothy, married in the old-fashioned way on Friday in Benin City, Edo State.

Photos and footage from the traditional wedding were posted online by Instagram bloggers and gossip mill media.

The comedian and his wife had beads adorning their wrists and neck in the style of an Edo bride.

The pair could be seen posing for photographs while wearing their bridal train in images that went viral online.

James Brown explains why he chose to cross-dress.

In related news, James Brown gave an explanation of his decision to dress as a woman.

The dramatic Duchess of London posted images of himself on his Instagram page while dressed as a guy but with feminine nails.

He is as attractive as a male, according to a fan, who questions why he behaves like a lady.

James Brown replied to the fan by saying that he dressed like a lady since it naturally brings in more money.

He added that, provided a person is intelligent, being a woman can make them wealthy. He also stated that he would be willing to assist the fan.

James Brown and Fan had a conversation

I don’t see why you’re acting like a lady, the admirer commented, yet you’re perfect as a male.

James Brown responded to the statement by writing: Being a woman can make you wealthy if you are smart since it pays the bills organically. I can instruct!