Why “Weather for Two” is the worst movie of 2022, according to a review

Have you ever seen a movie and wondered how certain performers were able toappear in it considering how horrible it was?

When I saw Tina Mba in Weather for Two, I experienced that.

The tale of a young man who wed a lovely lady but got caught up in a web of infidelity involving his attorney and attorney’s assistant is told in Weather for Two.

The fact that his mother disapproves of his wife and would stop at nothing to remove her from her son just makes the situation worse.

Nevertheless, despite her dissatisfaction, the wife continues to support the marriage and put up with all of her antics.

Will her husband alter? He eventually got captured, or did he manage to escape?

The truth is that I can’t really talk much about the plot because the film has none at all.

What was the author contemplating? The story’s irritating suspense, pointless scenes, shoddy speech, and pointless twists are already problematic enough.

The author had no choice but to punish us by giving it the most absurd conclusion. Did I mention the end? Pardon me.

The weather was endless for two. The author simply stopped when he became bored.

That wasn’t a story, in other words; the movie was a rant. I’m compelled to believe that the author simply wanted to vent about a cheating partner and used the story as a vehicle for doing so.

In addition to the terrible plot, we also had to cope with the director’s apparent lack of knowledge since, first of all, what was the purpose of such scenes? scenes where the spouse abruptly fell asleep after arriving at Beverly’s residence.

I won’t go into details, but if you encounter the director, please ask him to apologize for what he did to us.

Even though the acting wasn’t great, it wasn’t terrible either.

Although the performances were just decent, they were excellent enough for me to watch the entire film.

Beverly Osu excels at playing sexy roles, but I’m not sure how I feel about her portraying characters who don’t need her to be.

In that film, Tina MBA has no place. Bravo to Tope Olowoniyan, a stunning actress who enthralled us with the events depicted in the film.

Despite his success, ESO Dike still has a long way to go.

If you haven’t seen it, watching the weather for two minutes is useless. in relation to? The nicest I can go is a 10.