Rema, a singer, spends millions on a new Gwagon (Video)

Rema, a Nigerian musician, is capping the year off well by spending millions on a Gwagon.

The Mavins musician has rewarded himself with a new whip for his concert-closing antics.

Lekki Luxury Cars, a luxury automaker, announced the news on its Instagram page.

The automaker responded to him to congratulate him on his new accomplishment:

“Congratulations @heisrema on your new Gwagon.”

A lot of famous people appear to be ringing in 2022 in opulent fashion.

Range Rover purchased by Nkechi Blessing

Nkechi Blessing, an actress, recently spent millions of dollars on a brand-new Range Rover.

Nkechi Blessing had purchased a new Range Rover one year after selling her previous one to fund the construction of her home.

On her Instagram page, the Yoruba actress posted the happy news.

She remarked that purchasing the RR required a year of arduous labour and sweat.

She highlighted the source of her new blessing in a post of gratitude to the companies that had given her their business.

“I purchased the identical car I had previously sold to finish the small cottage behind me.

One entire year of toil and sweat Despite not being my greatest weep, 2022 ended in praise.

The glory belongs to God alone, and I want to give a special thanks to all the brands that trusted me with their business.

You guys are the main reason I’ve been successful, and I’ll keep carrying your brand on my head.

Please feel free to utilize the contribution money I have for this car (Ajo) Thrift; I’m weary of doing everything by myself. Burna Boy buys two automobiles.
Burna Boy, a singer, also spent millions on not one, but two vehicles.

The musician displayed his newest acquisition shortly after responding to his ex-girlfriend Stefflon Don for criticizing him.

A purple Lamborghini had been purchased by Burna Boy.

In order to get ready for ONWA DEZEMBA, the singer admitted that he had spent a million dollars on the car.

The singer of “Twice As Tall” also disclosed that he had purchased a black Maybach.

Because everyone wants a Maybach, I also purchased this.

Skibii, who recently purchased a new Mercedes Benz Maybach, actress Chichi Neblett, who recently purchased a new SUV, and Yetunde Barnabas, who recently purchased a Range Rover, all now join the list of car owners.