After disclosing her man’s addiction, Uche Maduagwu advises DJ Cuppy to take advice from Korra.

Uche Maduagwu, a controversial actress who has transitioned into a relationship expert, has cautioned DJ Cuppy about her boyfriend, Ryan Taylor.

DJ Cuppy reportedly told Nigerian women to find a man who is fixated on them, according to an earlier Afropast article. She revealed that Ryan is fixated on her in a video she shared with her fiance.

She captioned the loved-up video with, “Get you a man that is OBSESSED with you”.

In response to Ryan Taylor’s preoccupation with DJ Cuppy, Uche Maduagwu counseled her to learn from what transpired with Nigerian-American dancer Korra Obidi.

Ryan’s fixation is a warning sign that DJ Cuppy needs to be aware of, according to Maduagwu.

He added that every man who has an unnecessary obsession with a woman is a bad example.

Sharing a picture of DJ Cuppy, he wrote: Dear Cuppy, a a good relationship is built on real love, not obsession, any man that is obsessed with you is only after material gain. Everyone know your papa na billionaire. aunty borrow wisdom from Korra, not all that glitter na gold.

Captioning the post, he wrote: Ask any #relationship Expert, and they will unanimously tell you that a man who is OBSESSED with you Na unambiguous #red FLAG for relationships. Dear Cuppy, borrow wisdom from KORRA, Na so Dem be Dey allegedly tell am back then Wey she no hear. Any man who is superfluously OBSESSED with you, oftentimes, is after his own personal interest

Korra Obidi and Justin Dean split

Afropast reported months ago that the union between Justin Dean, an American therapist, and Nigerian-American dancer and musician, Korra Obidi Dean crashed.

Taking to his Instagram page to confirm their split, Dean stated that he had filed for divorce from the dancer as he can’t condone being mistreated. Dean also said that he tried his best to make the marriage work until he gave up.

DJ Cuppy and Ryan Taylor begin marriage counselling ahead of wedding

Afropast reported that DJ Cuppy, and her fiance, Ryan Taylor have started marriage counselling ahead of their wedding.

Although DJ Cuppy and Ryan are yet to publicly announce their wedding date, DJ Cuppy has just posted a photo of herself, Ryan, and British DJ Charlie Sloth on Twitter where she stated that they were having a business meeting and marriage counselling.

Captioning the photo, she wrote: “Business meetings sprinkled with some marriage counselling LOL.”

On November 19, a few days after Afropast turned 30, DJ Cuppy proposed to her British boxer Ryan Taylor at the Gumball Awards in Abu Dhabi.

The couple has been uploading photos of themselves at public events since the news of their engagement went viral.