In a recently discovered video, singer Paul Okoye gushes about his new girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma.

Ifeoma, Paul Okoye, and
Paul Okoye, better known by his stage as Rudeboy, is half of the musical duo and just shared a cute video of his girlfriend Ivy Ifeoma.

The musician publicly flaunted his new lover on Instagram while gushing about her.

Ivy My Ifeoma

It appears like the couple is prepared to declare their love in public.

This comes after an old video of her confessing that she dated wealthy guys for financial gain appeared online.

In a vintage video, Ivy Ifeoma declares, “All I want from my sugar daddy is money.”

According to Afropast, many people have been researching the Instagram model’s pasts ever since it was revealed that she is dating the musician.

In one of the videos that had surfaced again, Ifeoma was shown confessing to dating wealthy guys for financial gain.

Ifeoma expressed her contempt for the sugar daddy in the video for expecting her to create memories with him when all she wants is money.

In a another video, she was seen grinning with happiness at the prospect of dating an elderly, wealthy man.

Afropast reported on Sunday that Paul Okoye’s new girlfriend had garnered attention when he proudly displayed her. The couple was celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary.

The pair went out in style and treated themselves to a lavish lunch to commemorate their anniversary. Paul thanked God in the captions of one of the videos.

Nigerians discovered his secret lover’s identity after seeing the video.

Ivy Ifeoma is a model and influencer on Instagram and Paul Okoye’s new girlfriend. Ifeoma, also known online as Ivy Zenny, is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer in addition to being a digital developer.

An examination of her Facebook revealed that Paul Okoye had liked the majority of her posts as early as January. It appears that the couple has been dating for some time.