After France was defeated in the World Cup final, Karim Benzema decided to leave international service.

Karim Benzema, who was injured and unable to participate in France’s World Cup run, retires from international service at the age of 35.

The perplexing information was revealed the day after Lionel Messi of Argentina defeated France in the World Cup final.

The 35-year-old Benzema tweeted: “I worked hard and made mistakes to get where I am now, and I’m happy of it!

I’ve written my story, and ours is coming to a conclusion.

Benzema was a member of Didier Deschamps’ 26-man squad as they got ready to defend the World Cup in Qatar.

But due to a thigh injury, he was unable to play, and Deschamps was never used in the forward’s place.

It sparked speculation that Benzema will suddenly make a return to the French team in time for the World Cup after returning to Real Madrid training.

However, Benzema appeared to ruthlessly rule himself out when he posted on Instagram, “I don’t care.”

The prolific scorer did wish his nation luck in the championship game, which they ultimately lost on penalties.

Benzema’s status with the national team was in doubt after RMC Sport revealed that he turned down President Emmanuel Macron’s invitation to the game.

After coach Deschamps rejected him, L’Equipe later stated that the player had terminated all ties to the French team.

It is the most current installment in the story of Benzema and his nation.

He made his debut in 2007, and up until 2015, he routinely appeared on television.

Benzema was forbidden as a result of his alleged involvement in the blackmailing of colleague Mathieu Valbuena over a sex video incident.

In November 2021, he was found guilty of involvement and given a probationary year-long sentence by a Versailles court.

A 75,000 euro (£63,000) fine was also imposed on Benzema.

However, the LaLiga star was on France’s 26-man team for the postponed European Championships that same year.