Performing a stirring prayer for a Ghanaian Twitter user who accused him of being responsible for the death of his kid

Award-winning musician Davido has offered a prayer for a Ghanaian Twitter user who accused him of being responsible for his son’s passing.

According to Afropast, the musician and his wife Chioma were devastated after their 3-year-old kid passed away in October.

While many people felt sorry for Davido and Chioma after their son passed away, others held the pair responsible.

A Ghanaian Twitter user accused Davido of murdering the man’s son. He said that Davido’s recklessness and carefree attitude were to blame for his son’s passing.

Davido has always been irresponsible and unconcerned. He tweeted, “Blame him for the unexpected death of his kid.

Davido took the time to speak to him after returning to social media on Sunday.

Davido chose to take the high road and pray for him instead of dragging him.

Davido commented on his Twitter direct message,

“I’m grateful. I pray what happened to you never occurs. Amen”.

Second appearance in public by Davido and Chioma

According to Afropast, Davido made headlines on Sunday, December 19th, when he made his second outing after the passing of his kid in October.

The musician and his wife Chioma traveled to Qatar for the World Cup championship, where Davido gave the closing ceremony performance.

With images of himself and Chioma, the singer also published his first Instagram post. Since then, the post has received over a million likes and over 200,000 comments.

In contrast to his initial public appearance, Davido was considerably happier, brighter, and a little bit more bouncy.

Many, though, weren’t pleased with his World Cup performance or return to social media.

A Twitter user expressed displeasure with some of the videos, especially considering that his son’s death was only two months ago and they brought back his sorrows.

The tweep questioned how quickly the now four-time parent had forgotten about his son.

Was Davido really so quick to forget about his son?

Jemima Osunde responded by labeling him an idiot for asking the question.

You’re a fool, I said.