Why does everyone need someone in their life like Empress Njamah? Angela Okorie, an actress, reveals

Nollywood actress Angela Okorie praised Empress Njamah as she enumerated her many admirable traits.

Empress Njamah, who is being blackmailed, was praised on Instagram by the single mother of one. Empress is a friend that everyone needs in their lives, according to Angela.

She listed a number of her attributes, including how nice, passionate, caring, strong, and hardworking she was.

In response to her continued conflict with her ex-fiance, Angela reaffirmed her love for her and said that no one could defame or tarnish her reputation.

“This chick right here is visible. Everyone needs someone in their lives who is like Empress. Ignore social media; everyone can experience anything; she is Love. She is loving and ardent.

She cares deeply about others and is compassionate. Yes, she has made numerous contributions to humanity. You know, life never gives us what we truly deserve, and bad people frequently prey on the virtuous.

Empress Nobody can take away my love for you, and I celebrate your strength because you are one tough babe. You have earned that reputation and respect in society through hard effort. You are well-known in society. No, no one will malign you or bring a stain to your name. You will always be my baby. I will always love you, sweet girl.

Empress Njamah laments being blackmailed.

Many people were upset, according to Afropast, when Empress Njamah disproved the rumors of her engagement and disclosed that she had been the victim of blackmail.

She disclosed that a video of her fictitious engagement had been released by her ex-fiance, who controls her Instagram page.

First, Uche Elendu refuted the claims and admitted that the actress’s Facebook had been hacked.

Empress Njamah’s claim that she posted the post under duress because she was being blackmailed by a man who stepped into her life at a time when she was vulnerable confirmed that assertion.

Empress detailed what she had been going through on her company page.

She also requested assistance from the Nigerian police in locating her extortionist, who she said had access to her private recordings and had stolen millions of naira’s worth of her property. Read more here.

Stars show their love to Empress Njamah

A few of her coworkers and famous people had supported her.

People like Olori Tobi Phillips, Anita Joseph, and Christabel Egbenya consoled her in a blog’s comment area.

Christabel Egbenya, an actress, questioned why nice people enjoy running into wicked people. “Why good people too meet awful people,” Sue wrote.

Anita Joseph said, “O my god waaaat EMP,” after hearing the news and feeling devastated.

The Ooni’s wife, Olori Tobi Phillips, offered a prayer for her. It is well, she wrote.

Yetunde Bakare, a Yoruba actress, remarked how fame constantly draws various types of individuals.

You can never be too careful, especially if you’ve been single for too long and need a partner. FAME will attract different kinds of people.

Additionally, Uche Nnanna demonstrated her affection. Uche Nnanna expressed his admiration for the actress while posting joyful images of her on Instagram. She advised the actor to keep her composure.

“Sir, please keep your composure @realhouseofempress.”