“I am eager to become a mother,” BB Queen of Nigeria announces first pregnancy and displays baby bump (Photos)

Queen Mercy Atang, a housemate on Big Brother Naija sparkle ya eyes, is expecting her first child.

Many people were shocked when the reality star announced the good news on her Instagram page. Mercy expressed that she is eager to start her new path as a mother while flaunting her growing belly.

Every woman’s dream, she observed, is to have children, and her wish is suddenly becoming a reality. The journey hasn’t been portrayed the same in movies, so Queen pledged to soon share her story.

“The nicest part of my life would be starting this voyage, which I am eager to do. Every woman wants to have children, and I’ve had this ambition for a very long time. I thank God for this beautiful gift.

The journey hasn’t been as dramatic as the movies portray.

I’ll be sharing my experience soon. I am currently eager to become a mother.

Pregnant Queen Mercy Atang
Queen describes a bittersweet moment.
Following the conclusion of the reunion’s final episode, Queen had previously written an emotional note to herself.

The Akwa Ibom beauty expressed her gratitude to Big Brother Naija’s producers for providing her with a platform and the chance to be on the program.

She described how she spent the days inside the house sobbing, praying, working out, and longing to leave while also crying, working out, and looking out the window.

As she was actually going crazy and losing her mind from being imprisoned, she came to understand how crucial having freedom is.

What a journey it has been for me; I feel so many different things. I’m grateful and glad because @bigbronaija @dstvnigeria gave me the chance to appear on the show.

I first arrived at biggie’s house two weeks late, as you are well aware. I spent more time inside the lockdown house than anyone else. God’s grace kept me there for one lousy month.

My voyage was arduous, @michael042sm @mrkayvee. Thank God, we’re finally inside.

I’m grateful, Biggie. I remember spending time in the lockdown home. I didn’t do much but cry, pray, exercise, gaze out the window, and wish I could go outside. Unfortunately, I was unable to.

I was struggling with my anxieties. I felt like giving up. I want to visit my mother at home again.

But later, I couldn’t get a thought out of my head. Who is going to trust me? that I nearly entered Biggie’s home but decided against it.
Absolutely nobody, lol.

Second, Queen, after getting so close, do you really want to give up and try again the following year? Since the response was No, I overcame my worries, nervousness, and internal voices that kept telling me to give up, and I eventually arrived at the house.