“I am sobbing like a baby” As people with disabilities go above and above to promote her film, Funke Akindele is left speechless (Video)

People with disabilities boldly demonstrated support for Funke Akindele’s film, Battle on Buka Streets, leaving the Nollywood actress and producer dumbfounded.

Funke wrote a heartfelt thank you message to Bethesda School, a facility for the blind, for going above and above to support her.

Funke expressed her gratitude and said that the video had rendered her speechless and inconsolable.

Funke Akindele posted the video again and stated,

“Oh Lord, who am I that you should be thinking about me?

Wow!!!! I can’t even speak. This is enormous! I appreciate you coming out to support me, @bethesda scho. You have no idea how much this means to me. I’m sobbing openly right now! Much appreciation for your love. Godspeed to everyone. I adore you a lot.

I want God to provide me the ability to always be there for you as well. Thanks a lot! Thanks a lot! Many thanks.

Funke Akindele rejoices as “Buka on street” earns N135,000,000 in a single day.

A few days ago, Funke Akindele was reportedly overjoyed that her recently released film, Buka on Streets, had led charts and made over N135 million in a single day.

Funke Akindele thanked her supporters for supporting her by swarming the various movie theaters to see Battle on Buka Street as she announced the accomplishment on her Instagram page.

“Buka on Battle Street grosses N135 million, making December 25, 2022, the greatest single day in Nollywood history with a 26 million audience. Thank you all very much! Do your best! Pray fervently! Remain optimistic! It’s Iyanu ma sele!

How Sola Sobowale aided Funke Akindele’s career is revealed.

According to Afropast, Funke Akindele talked openly about the crucial part Sola Sobowale, a veteran, played in her career.

Funke Akindele recalled her first interaction with Sola Sobowale during the 59th birthday celebration for the seasoned actress. She described how she met Sola Sobowale on a set of a movie and approached her to confess her feelings to her.

Funke expressed to the actress her desire to collaborate with her on a project as a producer or director, and Sola prayed for the fulfillment of her wish.

Sola Sobowale, who produced and directed the recently released film Battle on Buka Streets, played the part of her mother today, making her dream come true.

“My Darling Aunty Sola Sobowale and I have known one other for years.

Quick Story: Back when I was still getting started in the film business. On a movie set, I got to know Aunty Sola. I approached her and expressed my desire to collaborate with her as a Producer or Director on a project eventually. She prayed for me and sent her best wishes. She assured me that day will come, and it most certainly did. You and I collaborated on Battle on Buka Street, and it was a success, just as you said, Aunty!

I sincerely appreciate Aunty Sola’s dedication, tolerance, great womanhood, and prayers. God bless you and be with you always.

Thank you very much Mummy. Happy Birthday ma. May you live longer in good health and wealth. Amen”.